Raise Funds for Kids

Have you been thinking about doing event and helping out with some community fundraising?


Supporting charity is not always about giving a donation and moving on. We know that many of our supporters want to do more, and to have fun while doing it!


If you’ve you been thinking of doing a 10k, a long distance bike ride, or climbing one of those really high mountains, then this option is for you! Thanks to platforms such as GivenGain and BackaBuddy it is simple to set yourself a personal challenge and link it to our fundraising account!

Once you set up your event the fun really begins! Make sure to take photos and share them with us (and your friends and family) as you set out on your training or learning journey. You can tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn! The more people you tell about your event the better chance you have of reaching your goal – and you might inspire your friends and family to get off the couch and do one themselves!

Do email us  if you have any questions or for more information about making a donation, as we aim to recognize all partners, no matter how big or small.